The Smartpit™ is an Australian designed and manufactured PE Manhole using Finite Element Analysis. The unit’s physical properties have been proven in service in various installation scenarios.

The Smartpit™ is made from the same PE material as the Poo Pit™ maintenance shaft and is capable of handling the most corrosive internal and external environments with no requirement for expensive lining systems. Suitable for use in sewer, stormwater or subsoil drainage applications and is compatible with PE, PVC, Polypropylene, Clay or Concrete piping materials.

The Smartpit™ can achieve the exact angle and grade to suit the design or retrofit location and can be supplied with multiple inlets in the base or riser. Supplied to site fully welded with all connections pre made, reducing installation, handling and transports costs.

Each Smartpit™ is supplied fitted with a high visibility yellow safety bench providing a consistent 200mm non slip self- draining platform eliminating the need for post installation benching on site.

  • Corrosion resistant PE material
  • No internal or external coatings required
  • Supplied fitted with non-slip bench
  • Accommodates inlets at any grade and angle
  • No horizontal/vertical alignment adjusting bends needed
  • Connections possible in base and or riser
  • Accommodates pipes of all material types
  • Suitable for welded connection to Polyethylene pipes
  • Made to suit either solvent weld or rubber ring PVC
  • Multiple pipe material connections possible on the same pit
  • All Smartpits prefabricated prior to delivery
  • Fast installation for retrofit and replacement projects
  • 100% watertight. All factory welded prior to delivery
  • Proven operational technology to depths of up to 5m
  • Lightweight and user friendly
  • Reduced transport and handling costs
  • Improved efficiencies providing cost benefits to the end user
  • UV resistant, state of the art Polyethylene technology
  • No concrete encasement required
  • Easy connection of new lines
  • No onsite welding or spark testing required

To download the SmartPit Installation Guide Click Here

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To download the SmartPit Drawing (Flat Top With Steps) Click Here

To download the SmartPit Drawing (Taper Top No Steps) Click Here

To download the SmartPit Drawing (Taper Top With Steps) Click Here