Mini Pit™ Maintenance Chamber

Hunter Water
Whitebridge Subdivision

Project: Whitebridge Subdivision

Location: Newcastle – NSW

Client / Asset Owner: Hunter Water

Consultant / Specifier: WDG Pty Ltd

Contractor: Perrys Plumbing & Civil

Product/s: 600mm Mini Pit


Polyethylene materials are well recognised for their strength and durability and are used to protect sewer, leachate and stormwater drainage systems and significantly extend asset life.

The 600 PE Mini Pit™ (MC) is an Australian owned, designed and manufactured solution, available across Australia from Smartstream Technology.

Mini Pits with 225mm Rubber Ring Joints were supplied to site complete, fully welded and with external drops. The pits were supplied with pipe connections to suit a variety of pipeline materials and sizes at the angle and grades specified by the Hunter Water approved Contractor.

Resistant to corrosion from internal hydrogen sulfide gas attack, aggressive external Acid Sulfate Soil conditions and easy to install, the Smartstream Technology system provides authorities with reduced risk of future leaks over traditional structures and provides the authority with reduced installation and whole of life infrastructure costs.


We are a wholly owned and operated, Australian family company and innovators in civil engineering infrastructure solutions using roto moulding and plastic injection technology, minimising concrete use, to produce a highly developed range of stormwater and wastewater products. We know the industry; we’ve been in it since 1984. We understand the challenges. We are dedicated to researching and investigating new processes and materials – once the industry’s alternative, our products are now fast becoming the product of choice.


Revolutionary, easier to source and customisable, Smartstream Technology products are now being used to reduce carbon footprint and future-proof infrastructure.


The vertical riser shaft is used for access and insertion of equipment into operational units. Combining the ease of at surface inspection, monitoring and maintenance together with its key characteristics of being corrosion resistant, lightweight and cost effective. The Mini Pit™ is the ideal choice for your next maintenance chamber installation.


Standard Water Services Association of Australia WSA137 – Maintenance Shafts and Maintenance Chambers Quality


ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems


  • Lightweight
  • Eliminates infiltration and inflow at the pit
  • The most versatile product of its type due to its inherent material characteristics
  • Multiple connections possible in base and/or riser
  • Corrosion and impact resistant polyethylene
  • Superior hydraulic performance & safety
  • Faster Installation


  • Reduced transport and handling costs
  • No leaking manholes. 100% watertight (Pressure or Vaccum tested at factory)
  • Accommodates inlets at any angle and grade
  • Custom fabrication to specific requirements
  • No horizontal/vertical alignment adjusting bends required
  • No concrete encasement required
  • No on site welding or spark testing
  • Can also be used as a Terminal Pit
  • Compatible with all pipe materials, including PVC, PE, Polypropylene, Steel and Clay
  • Suitable for all pipe connecting methods
  • Stronger, more durable. Resists Hydrogen Sulphide attack internally/Acid Sulphate Soil attack externally.
  • As proven over 20 plus years successful operational performance with same 360 degree hemispherical design as the ‘Poo Pit’™
  • Proven installation and operational efficiencies providing cost and environmental benefits
  • Easy retrofitting into existing lines (Particularly important for potential conflicts with other services due to smaller physical footprint)
  • Earlier access and reopening of road/footpath closures
  • Accommodates easy insitu connection of new lines

The Mini Pit™ is a complete inspection and maintenance chamber system for the sewer reticulation market.

Manufactured from polyethylene, the system has superior impact, chemical and UV resistance to the internal and exterior surface.

The shafts are engineered to suit each installation and as a result, the product has been proven in service to various depths.
The Mini Pit™ connections are positioned at the exact angle and grade to suit the design/retrofit location, thus eliminating the need for sweeping bends and allowing traditional inspection and installation methods.

The user-friendly lightweight construction reduces transport and handling costs.
The Mini Pit™ has been developed to ASTM F 1759-97 ‘Standard Practice for Design of Polyethylene (PE) Manholes for Subsurface Applications’.