Walling Systems – Concrete Retaining Wall

The most efficient precast concrete Retaining Wall system


The Smartstream Technology Walling System is the safest full panel precast system in the marketplace.

  • Rigid Footing Support System means no bracing of wall sections during installation
  • Footings further apart than traditional (separate panel/column) systems
  • Increases speed of installation with maximum safety
  • Wall sections are easily replaced in the event of damage


The Smartstream Technology Walling System provides a major increase in efficiency, both in production and field installation, working with one Combo-Cast Section instead of separate pieces. A crew of three, including an experienced construction foreman, can install an average of 300 metres of wall per week.


  • Wall sections can easily accommodate lighting and security components
  • Interchangeable form liners in a variety of textures allow both for multiple wall heights and textures within the same form; also allows for texture on both sides if required
  • Excellent sound barrier properties
  • Concrete retaining wall applications

Benefits of precast concrete boundary walls


Integrated panel and column wall sections allow for quick and easy installation


Easier boundary wall installation saves time and reduces labor costs


Unique rigid footing system allows for safer boundary wall installations


Custom decorative options include stone, block, brick, stucco and architectual designs


Textures can be applied to both sides of walls for
optimal aesthetics

Textured Options

Textured concrete walls offer attractive versatility – Smartstream Technology’s system provides attractive texture to both sides of each precast concrete wall. Colours to match Colorbond fence colours.

Panel Nominal Dimensions (L x H x T): 4.65m x 2.4m x 0.125m

Also stackable to 4.8m in height

Sand Texture (unpainted)

Sand Texture (painted)

Stacked Stone


Practical walling system solutions

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