Custom Rotomoulding

What is Custom Rotomoulding ?

Custom rotomoulding involves a multi-step process to produce high-quality plastic products. The journey begins with a 2D drawing or 3D model, which serves as the blueprint for designing and manufacturing an aluminum mould. This mould is then mounted on a machine that rotates on two perpendicular axes during the moulding stage. The process consists of three primary phases:

Heating: The mould is heated in an oven while rotating, causing the plastic material inside to melt and evenly coat the interior surfaces of the mould.

Cooling: After achieving the desired thickness and uniformity, the mould is cooled to solidify the plastic.

Demoulding: Once cooled, the mould is opened, and the formed plastic part is removed. This part often undergoes secondary trimming processes, which can be either manual or automated.

Custom rotomoulding can produce a wide array of products, including water tanks, battery boxes, and various industrial components. The flexibility and precision of this process make it ideal for creating products with intricate designs and specific functionalities.

Why use SmArtstream technology for your next Custom Rotomoulding Product

 Smartstream Technology stands out in the field of custom rotomoulding by providing end-to-end solutions, from initial design to final production in Western Australia. Here’s how we can assist you in customising a product to your requirements:

3D Part Modelling

Smartstream Technology can create detailed 3D models of the desired product, ensuring accurate design and specifications. Our in-house 3D designer works directly at our factory location in Western Australia, allowing for quick adjustments and precise control over the design process.

Mould Design and Fabrication

We develop and manufacture high-quality aluminum moulds, whether CNC-machined, cast, or fabricated, on location in Western Australia. This ensures a high level of quality control and rapid turnaround times for your projects.

Advanced Rotomoulding Process

Utilising state-of-the-art rotational moulding machines, Smartstream Technology produces parts that meet precise standards. Our moulding machines can manufacture products with varying thicknesses, enhancing durability and heat resistance.

Efficient Transportation

We have the transport capability to move small or large quantities of products from our factory to locations throughout Western Australia, making it more cost-effective for our clients.

Comprehensive Secondary Operations

Smartstream Technology performs any necessary trimming, assembly, or finishing operations to deliver a ready-to-use product. This includes both manual and automated processes to ensure the highest quality.

With over 30 years of experience, Smartstream Technology has been manufacturing custom plastic products for a wide range of Australian and US companies. Our expertise ensures that your project is handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.martstream Technology Walling System provides a major increase in efficiency, both in production and field installation, working with one Combo-Cast Section instead of separate pieces. A crew of three, including an experienced construction foreman, can install an average of 300 metres of wall per week.

Smartstream Technology pots

Applications of Custom Rotomoulding

Custom rotomoulding can produce a diverse range of products across various industries, including:

  • Civil Engineering: Components for infrastructure projects.
  • Medical: Specialised plastic parts for medical equipment.
  • Furniture: Durable and innovative furniture designs.
  • Automotive: Custom parts for vehicles.
  • Marine: Components for boats and other marine applications.
  • Gardening: Planters and other garden accessories.
  • Waste Management: Products such as portable toilets and rubbish bins.

If you can envision a product, Smartstream Technology can make it a reality using custom rotomoulding.

Custom rotomoulding is a powerful manufacturing process capable of producing a wide variety of plastic products with intricate designs and specific functionalities. Smartstream Technology, with its expertise in rotomoulding and commitment to quality, can help you customise a product to your exact requirements. From initial design to final production, Smartstream provides comprehensive solutions that meet your needs, ensuring high-quality, cost-effective results for your business in Western Australia.

For more information on how Smartstream Technology can assist with your custom rotomoulding projects, visit the contact page today. 


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