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Mareeba Shire

Corroded concrete manholes are a common problem in authority infrastructure and waste management systems. Concrete corrosion can occur internally from hydrogen Sulfide gasses or externally from aggressive soil conditions.

Polyethylene materials are well recognized and used to protect sewer, leachate and stormwater drainage systems and significantly extend asset life in Australia.

The SmartPit™ polyethylene manhole de from Smartstream Technology is an Australian owned and manufactured solution available across both Australia and New Zealand.

Mareeba Shire, Queensland have recently installed five SmartPit™ PE Manholes as part of a leachate system. Leachate collection manholes are a common area where protection against internal corrosion is required with polyethylene linings required.

The SmartPit™ PE Manholes were supplied to site complete, fully welded and pre benched. The SMARTPIT™ were supplied with pipe connections to suit a variety of pipeline materials and sizes at the angle and grade required by the Mareeba Shire installation team.

Resistant to corrosion from internal gas attack, aggressive soil conditions and easy to install the Smartstream Technology system provides authorities with reduced risk of future leaks over traditional structures and provides the authority with reduced installation and infrastructure costs.