Lot Connection Poopit™ Stormwater Maintenance Shaft

The Smartstream Technology PooPit™ is now being installed as stormwater lot connection pits.

The PooPit™ has allowed developers to greatly reduce the footprint required for lot connections to stormwater systems. Ideal for small- er lot size developments.

Designed for maintenance equipment instead of person entry the lightweight Subsoil PooPit™ has removed the need to use heavy lifting equipment. Transport savings have also been achieved with a 1T ute being able to replace an 8T Hiab to complete deliveries.

The Subsoil PooPit™ is finished at the surface level by a cast iron maintenance shaft cover reducing the footprint to 450mm.

A simple PVC glue joint replaces cutting or punching holes in concrete leading to further installation time savings, reduced safety risk and an elimination of concrete cracking.

The Lot Connection Poopit™ is currently approved in the City of Swan.