Quickstream Solutions – Shane Wormall Visits Texas

Smartstream Technology takes pride in its global presence and successful product solutions, with a standout performance in the US market this year.

The collaboration with our esteemed partner, Quickstream Solutions, has been particularly fruitful, notably in Texas. Shane Wormall has spearheaded a remarkable journey in the US, forging strong relationships and gaining invaluable insights into the local market. Shane’s impactful engagement with Texas communities, exemplified by the innovative Poo Pit showcased at Fort Worth’s Stockyards, has demonstrated our commitment to revolutionising wastewater management.

Noteworthy moments include a stand-up interview with James Coker from the City of Davenport in Sunny Florida, where Shane shared insights on our game-changing technology. Numerous successful visits to water and wastewater utilities, counties, consultants, and contractors in Texas reflect our dedication to supporting our business partners, such as Daryl and the Quickstream Solutions North America team.

Smartstream Technology continues to make strides globally, delivering cutting-edge solutions that make a lasting impact.