EcoBITE Maintenance


Access to the ECO-BITE gross polluant traps should allow for vacuum eduction trucks being positioned immediately adjacent to the trap.

Smartstream Technology multi pollutant trap design allows for easy access from the surface via the surface covers circular openings.

All chambers can be easily accessed from the surface with the vacuum truck eduction hose, thereby minimising clean out costs.

The ECO-BITE has no storage chambers that require high pressure jetting out of pollutants trapped in lower chambers, not easily accessible from the surface.



The Eco-BITE GPT (Gross Pollutant Trap) is a ”Multi Pollutant Trap” which is an innovative, environmentally friendly product designed to effectively removes contaminants and pollutants from fluid transport networks, protecting downstream ecological systems. To achieve the best practice in environmental management, it is very important that catchments throughout Australia are protected against harmful water-borne pollutants.

Acknowledging that the greatest concentrations of storm water pollution may be contained within the frequent low flows and during the first flush events, the ECO-BITE gross pollutant trap has been developed to ensure that maximum pollutant retention is achieved in both instances, especially for the frequent low flows.

Individual designs are prepared for every Eco-BITE gross pollutant trap, giving specific consideration to all of the following criteria;

  • Target pollutants

  • Site details

  • Hydraulic data (flow rates, GWL , etc.)

  • Required storage capacity

  • Inlet/outlet levels, sizes, type and configuration

  • Access for future inspection, cleaning, monitoring and maintenance services

  • Consideration of required optional features i.e isolation gates, removable baskets etc.

The eco-BITE gross pollutant trap is supported by its credentials as an environmentally friendly product that offers easy installation and low life cycle costs.


Final EcoBITE Brochue Cover Page 1   Download a copy of the Eco BITE Brochure

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  • Unique ‘V’ shaped screen creates a dual vortex effect, creating equal precipitation and reducing blockage
  • Low head loss
  • Single chamber – simplified installation
  • Small footprint facilitates installation into tight locations
  • Accommodates multiple inlets/outlets
  • Ideal for retrofitting into existing pipelines/drains
  • Screens can be interchanged to target pollutants
  • Modular design allows for addition of further treatment systems downstream if required
  • Optional removable basket for pollutant removal
  • Long service life – no moving parts
  • Cleaning, maintenance, monitoring and reporting agreements are available and recommended.

Our ECO-BITE Gross pollutant traps are now available to order throughout all cities and states within Australia

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