Smartstream Technology is a wholly Australian owned and operated company which commenced operations in Perth, in 1984, specialising in the provision of civil engineering infrastructure solutions. Smartstream Technology has developed a select range of innovative wastewater + sewer products and an enviable reputation both in local Australian and International markets, offering 30+ years hands on experience in the civil engineering industry. The key products developed by Smartstream Technology include; Poo Pit maintenance shaft, Smart Pit, J Pit & Mini Pit which are all manufactured to suit PVC, PE, Polypropylene or clay pipelines.
Formerly Wormall International, the company changed its name to reflect and emphasize its commitment to adapting and growing with continuous technological advancements in the Civil Infrastructure Industry. Our manufacturing equipment is among the most advanced in Australasia, and ensures our full range of products are manufactured to a consistently high standard.
Our R & D facility is continually investigating new processes & materials to ensure we remain at the forefront of new technology with our premium sewer maintenance systems and products.
When developing new products, we always have safety and the environment in mind, which can be seen from our latest product release, a PE Maintenance Shaft cover. Weighing an incredible 20 kg in total, with it’s lid, only 6.5 kg, there is no need to tie up expensive equipment, as one person can safely install this product.
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November 2017 : Smartstream Technology supports luxury resort development in Kuta, Indonesia

We’re thrilled to announce the, global expansion our Smartstream Technology in 2017 with our Poo Pit maintenance shaft orders being made and shipped to Bali, Indonesia.  We’ll now be supporting a portfolio of luxury 5/6 star resort property developments throughout Kuta, and Uluwatu after being outsourced by a major International construction group facilitating large-scale resort, accommodation and entertainment precincts within all corners of South East Asia. Check out the upcoming resort we’re supporting below, and see further details on our teams recent trip to support the project.
The major benefit of choosing Smartstream Technology is that you will be supported by a team of highly experienced, passionate  team members who will continually go above and beyond to assist you and to meet the needs of your next project. As shown (below), here is our Business Develop Manager, Besim, who recently visited Bali to ensure each and every type 8 maintenance shaft that was supplied met the expectations and the needs of the stage 1 development of the Kuta resort. Besim further offered his assistance, helping with guidance on; storage, fittings, monitoring and all future ongoing maintenance of the Poo Pits, once installation is complete. Stay tuned for more updates as the resort developments continue, or ask our team any questions you’d like.


November 2017 : Smartstream Technology announces expansion into Melbourne location

We’d like to take the opportunity to introduce our brand new Business Development Manager, Sam Hawkins, who will now be handling all orders within Victoria. If you are looking to get in touch with Sam, please see his contact details below; 
Sam Hawkins Phone : 0437 943 728  Email : sam@smartstream.net.au

Sam is highly experienced with all aspects of production, installation and sales of our products, sharing 4+ years at Smartstream + Wormall Group



All Smartstream Technology maintenance shafts are 100% Australian made and manufactured, led by our market leading product ‘Poo Pit’ maintenance shaft. The Poo Pit was proudly designed and introduced as the result of 30 years extensive industry research, development and testing. Our maintenance shafts offers a lightweight, safe, versatile, cost effective option which is also most importantly durable,  user friendly and 100% watertight. In addition to the Poo Pit, we have introduced a full range of maintenance shafts, manholes, access covers + stormwater solutions which are now installed throughout the nation. In fact, we’re incredibly proud to announce that this year we’re celebrating over 75,000 installations in Australia & New Zealand.
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To take a full look at our range of our maintenance shafts, sewer and stormwater products, please check out our products here on the website or simply download a brochure below.

Final EcoBITE Brochue Cover Page 1 Maintenance Shaft Poo Pit Brochure

Final EcoBITE Brochue Cover Page 1 Maintenance Shaft Mini Pit Brochure

Final EcoBITE Brochue Cover Page 1 Maintenance Shaft J PIT Brochure

Final EcoBITE Brochue Cover Page 1 PE Manhole Smart Pit Brochure

Final EcoBITE Brochue Cover Page 1 GPT Stormwater Eco BITE Brochure

Final EcoBITE Brochue Cover Page 1 Stormwater Products Brochure – Coming Soon



Our Smartstream Technology Crew will be returning to showcase our products and civil engineering solutions at the 2018 Ozwater, Brisbane