Smartstream Technology has developed a select range of innovative sewer/wastewater and stormwater products and secured an enviable reputation both in Australian and International markets, offering 30+ years hands on experience in the civil engineering industry.
The key products developed by Smartstream Technology include; the patented Poo Pit maintenance shaft, Smart Pit, J Pit & Mini Pit which are all manufactured to suit PVC, PE, Polypropylene or clay pipelines.
Our manufacturing equipment is among the most advanced in Australasia, and ensures our full range of products are manufactured to a consistently high quality standard.
Our Research and Development facility is continually investigating new processes & materials to ensure we remain at the forefront of new technology with our premium maintenance shaft systems and stormwater products.
When developing new products, we always have safety and the environment in mind, which can be seen from our latest product release, a PE Maintenance Shaft cover. Weighing a mere 20 kg in total, with its lid only 6.5 kg, there is no need to tie up expensive equipment, as one person can safely install this product.
Without a single recorded failure, the Poo Pit has revolutionised the civil construction process of specifying access chambers/manholes and replacing them with pits that no longer require human access into dangerous confined spaces. All monitoring, inspection and maintenance being undertaken at surface level.
Poo Pit Maintenance Shaft
Poo Pit PE Maintenance Shaft


Led by our market leading product the ‘Poo Pit’ maintenance shaft was proudly developed, comprehensively tested (including Finite Element Analysis – FEA) designed and introduced as the result of 30 years extensive industry research.
Our maintenance shafts offer a lightweight, safe, versatile, cost effective option which is also most importantly durable, acid and chemical resistant, user friendly and 100% watertight.
With a carbon footprint 175th that of a comparable precast concrete manhole our Poo Pits tick the environmental box too.
In addition to the Poo Pit, we have introduced a full range of maintenance shafts, manholes, access covers plus stormwater solutions which are now installed throughout Australia, New Zealand and in Bali, Indonesia.

SST Core Values